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Welcome to dp Industrial Design

DP Industrial Design is an independent design firm specializing in instruction sheets, die lines and corporate branding.  Based in Cleveland, Ohio, we serve manufacturing companies, retail businesses, display designers and the business community in general.

Our clients are those who seek personal attention and an extra "helping hand" to complete a project they just don't have the time or resources for.  We are a small business and work on a contract basis.

As you know, today's stalled economic climate has stunted company growth that has led to the downsizing of many full and part-time employees.  As a result, many companies are looking to outsource many of their day-to-day functions.  That's where DP Industrial Design can help!

If your organization is not ready to employ a full-time designer, or if you're looking to save overhead and have a need for our products and services, please feel free to contact us at info@dpindustrialdesign.com.